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sorry its been forever

Sorry its been forever since I’ve posted, I’ve been plagued by issues of connectivity and inconvenience. Fortunately I’ve gotten a fancy new phone that I can keep up with things on the go. We’re in Cornwall! Staying at an old converted chapel, that’s now a fabulously pagan dwelling. My brains still aren’t working right from the travel and exhaustion so Ill leave this be for now.

may day protest…

after a wonderful trip to hang out with Nymbol on the island, trying my hand at puppeteering (possible video to follow) and a lovely trip to the zoo, I hear about the may day protests in Seattle.

Now, I’m all for people speaking their minds- great! March.  Be heard.

But the whole thing of Anarchist provocateurs advocating riots?  Idiocy.

If they’re genuine Anarchists, well, ok then- Sure, standing up for what you believe.  I think you’re a shortsighted idiot, but I get it.  If you impinge upon my day then I’ll teach you that you are Not, in fact, The Joker, and give you a lesson in why you don’t actually want Anarchy.  Society and it’s laws are what keep you safe from, say, Me, inflicting my reality upon you in large bladed ways because you annoyed me by being a dumbass and breathing my air.  But again, I get it. Valid uneducated political stance.

They’re probably Not genuine Anarchists.

Most likely they’re either Morons who want to feel powerful and important, with the misguided notion that spawning violence will ignite the change they want to see in the world- to Really Show ‘Em.  Like that dumbass in college who wanted to get pepper sprayed so he’d be able to take it when the protest cops came down on him (one of my buddies obliged him with extreme prejudice, proving to everyone present what a damned fool notion that was.  Talking a big game may get you under a hippie-girl skirt, but screaming and epic snot certainly do not).  I digress.   Point being here, if the provocateurs are This type of Moron, and Do manage to incite a riot, the only thing they will achieve is

A) getting a bunch of people needlessly hurt, and pointlessly thrown in jail

B) damaging a bunch of property that is most likely going to cost some small business owner who can’t afford it, which aside from being Pointless to the “cause”, is just an asshole thing to do.

and C) Lose any moral high ground the Occupy or similar movements might have had.

(and before you get all incensed, I tend to agree with many of the Occupy and similar movements’ gripes.  Yes these are problems that need to be addressed. Unfortunately, most (not all, but most) of the people I have met on the front lines of these movements  need to bathe, lay off the weed, work a real damn job (delivering pizza doesn’t count) for a bit, and actually understand the other (not-evil) side of business and the system they abhor before they start running off at the mouth about how it needs to change.  It Does need to change.  There is a whole lot of evil to business.  There Is a point to be made, and it Needs to be heard, Yes.  But the movement has been usurped, in my opinion, by unwashed morons who are in it for the green movement popularity contest and the associated earthy-girl tail they can get from it.  Cynical? Yes.  True? Open your eyes and your ears.  See through the Bullshit and make your own decision)

Now, the other option for where this advocation of violence is coming from, apart from Anarchists and Morons, is Sith level genius.  If you look at our society, it loves the underdog, and especially the one who is pretty and has the moral high ground.  If that underdog is instead a smelly mob, spouting some crackpot ideology, and instigating violence, well then, the public won’t like them so much.  That takes attention off the issue at hand (say, very rich men who will bend us over the table and give it to us hard without so much as spitting on it first, as they steal our wallet) and puts it on the chaos created by a bunch of idiotic juvenile delinquents- Even if the majority of the people involved in the protest are actually righteously angry people exercising their right to protest what they validly see as a wrong in this country.   Violence of this nature in our blessed and privileged society (don’t you Dare argue.  We don’t have rape squads bursting into our houses in the middle of the night, and our homeless tend to eat better than half the population of the world- Shut the fuck up.) will only serve to lose support for any point this movement is trying to make.  The evil people you stand against know this.  If I were one of the evil execs who had gotten tired of all the traction the occupy and other such movements were gaining among the public, I would hire some provocateurs to turn the whole thing into chaos, turning public opinion against these gnats who were annoying me, while at the same time distracting the public from whatever shady soulless  business shenannigans I was up to.    That’s American psychology 101.  As a whole we’re programmed to be distracted by flashy, shiny drama, get bored quickly, and forget about what caused it.  The Culture of Ignorance outnumbers the Rational and Intelligent by a whole-friggin-lot.

It works- the Republicans use it all the time.

Point being- whether Anarchists, Morons, or business-Sith, this violence being advocated is a pointless idiocy, and I urge everyone involved to speak out against it.

It’s possible that some people have it in their heads, what with the violent  protests that have been going on with some level of success in the world, that we could do with one here too.

Moron!  Those are happening because those people Have No Choice.

In their world, to speak out is to die, or get a visit from the rape squad.  Either way, the choice there is take it or start shooting.  There is no alternative.

In our world, senseless violence is not only unnecessary, it is a hindrance to whatever goal you’re trying to achieve.  So to make that choice, you prove yourself somebody else’ ignorant pawn.

Don’t be an ignorant pawn.

There are things worth getting up in arms over.

Money isn’t one of them, and that’s what all of this is about- whether you believe that or not.

I really hope stupidity does not erupt.

if you’re going to be there- for fucks sake pay attention, know where the exits are, stay to the edge of the crowd, and be ready to run or duck.   And if you’re stupid enough to provoke a nervous cop, you deserve the beating you get, hope you don’t die.

just my two bits.

first thing in the morning,  so bleary eyed I can barely see, waiting for my coffee, outside the age old enmity between crows and owls is loudly played out.  I’ve often wondered what that’s all about.

I mean, crows will harry any raptor, especially if they’ve got food, but something about the harassment  is harsher, like it’s personal.  Crows will come from afar when they hear the cry that an Owl is about by day.

The Native Americans surely had a story about this-  The grudge between Owl and Crow, but to my knowledge, it is lost.  If anybody ever runs across it, I’d love to hear.

now, coffee…

so we go to thi…

so we go to this greek restaurant after the show yesterday, and this seems like a good thing.  we order avgolemeno soup, which is Supposed to be a wonderfully tasty lemony chicken rice soup.

what arrived smelled, I kid you not, Exactly like when someone’s septic tank has backed up in the yard and had so much pepper in it, we were left wondering what they were trying to cover up.  It was offensive just sitting there on the table.  Most of the time, I’m too polite to send things back even when they’ve gotten my order wrong.  This stuff though, this septic soup, was absolutely Foul.

everything else, though tasty enough, was overpriced and meager, after experiencing the Mad Greek in salt lake, and the Greek to Go here in Redmond, both of which win the best Gyro ever awards, and you can stuff yourself silly for about 7 bucks, which rocks.

That soup though, Wow, must be either some special family recipe or there was a disgruntled cook who dumped the dirty dishwater in the pot or some bastard cat came along and hunkered over the stove for his evening constitutional.  Gah!

the rest of the evening went well though- esspresso oat stout and a walk around the block with my brother whilst discussing wizardly things.  It was good.

anyway, just had to share my soup-pain.

you’re welcome

The coffee was a sad affair this morning with a strange bitter tang that lingers at the back of my throat like sinus drainage. Unfortunate though that was, my love’s warm arms fixed all that. Usually coffee fail will screw up my whole day. That girl is Magick.
Today we head to Tacoma for a show at the spring faerie fest- hopefully that’ll be fun. Since I traveled light on this trip, I don’t have any components to throw together some dark fae ensemble. I generally don’t care for “costumes” anyway. If I wouldn’t be comfortable wearing it if some adventure suddenly befell me, it makes me rather twitchy.
Seems silly doesn’t it- that I would tailor my wardrobe for its epic adventure functionality?
I sometimes get nervous wandering around in pj’s, or godsforbid, a towel. I mean, Imagine that: you walk around a corner and suddenly you’ve discovered Narnia or been abducted by aliens and there you are wearing nothing but a towel… Hitchhiker’s Guide aside, that would rather suck.
This also goes along with my irrational fear of discovering the secret of teleportation while I’m in the shower. I mean, that’s the stuff of awkward nightmares. There you are one minute washing your hair, pondering the mysteries of how to apparate, tesseracht, or otherwise teleport, then *POOF!* it goes off and you’re standing there stark naked, dripping wet, halfway round the world in the middle of a crowd full of people, and you’ve got shampoo dribbling inexorably into your eyes- No Thank You.
Needless to say, I’m cautious about what I ponder in the shower.
Yes, I know that’s ridiculous….
anyway, Heading to Tacoma.

Once more morni…

Once more morning has found me relatively well in the home of the wonderful Betsy Tinney and her clan and her massive hoomongus cats ( they’re maine coons.  The last three mornings have been a delightful endeavor of coffee in the hot tub right outside- that’s the right way to start a day let me tell you.  Today though, we have pending engagements, so no hot tub for me.

I’ve been trying to find some chain-danglies for my newest jewelry pieces, but so far no success.  There’s a craft store down the road, but they’re awfully proud of their chain (ie: it’s spendy) but I may be able to find something there that would work.

The pacific northwest is simply stunning- all ringed with snow-capped mountains and inhabited by massive fur trees, giant ferns, and moss everywhere.  It’s like a drier version of a cypress swamp, which I absolutely Love. 

I should have a couple of actual essays coming soon, now that I’ve landed in a safe harbor and have a minute to compose my thoughts- this “On the Road” isn’t very conducive to thought composure, as most of my processing power goes to things like “where the hell am I?” or “what day is this?” or “when did I last eat?” or “do I get an actual bed?” or “How much of this stuff needs to come in the house so we can fall over and be back on the road first thing in the morning? Really? Ok.”… it’s a bit of an adjustment going from my solitary hermitage to this traveling circus, but I wouldn’t trade it.  So long as I get to curl up with my love at the end of the day (whenever that happens to occur) I’m good. 

anyway, we’ve gotta go meet someone for coffee.  Wizards run on coffee you know.

epic adventure for the day.

so here was the epic adventure for the day- far down past the cat-tail fields, ankle deep mud, crunching gravel underfoot, railroad spikes, coyote bones, possum head in a tree, and a sketchy hobo camp, there’s this old railroad bridge. There’s no easy way up this thing, and we had to climb a none-too-steady tree to scale the massive concrete pillar that it sits upon. The steel is rusty, the cross-ties rotting, and the river swift and hungry below- but it was Cool, folks, damned cool. We also learned that hopping the casino fence to avoid walking back through the bush in the dark gets you a nice little chat with security. fortunately they were cool about it.

Memphis, days inn

lawnmowers first thing in the morning have never been a favorite of mine, but sleep Did happen so that’s a good thing- apart from that weird dream about Darth Vader in a hairnet and smock working a soda factory line Lavern and Shirley style.  That was just weird. 

Having acquired coffee, my brain is beginning to function amid the sound of suitcase zippers and morning bustle. They’ve got one of those nifty machines downstairs that squirts out a waffle, but as I encountered the thing pre-coffee I was only operating at neanderthal tech level, I stared at the thing for a moment in bleary incomprehension before opting instead for a biscuit.  Bit dry, but all in all not bad.  Heather gave me a cookie too. Cookies is happiness.

The show last night was wonderful as usual, in a gorgeous little unity church, nestled in a really cool patch of woods that I desperately wanted to explore- the cedar trees were Aware somehow, and seemed friendly in that semi creepy treeish way.  But alas, there was work to do so I couldn’t.

It’s getting on time to go, so I get to play Glashtyn again (To and fro we haul away).

To it, then.




Oh yes it’s morning again-  One of those mornings where waking up physically hurts,  where your eyeballs burn and shudder.  I suppose the sensation is not dissimilar from what clam feels like when it’s being pried open.  Its that pre-awake hangover feeling, brought on by 1.2 sleep cycles. 

the application of coffee and the wonderful breakfast Renee fed us helped to mitigate the trauma significantly.

Now I’m sitting in a coffeeshop, waiting for my love to get her hideously difficult tax stuff dealt with (poor love.  I guess I’m going to be in the same boat next year- if I manage to Have an income… we’ll see)

This is day two of my first official rockstar tour (Sooj being the rockstar, me being the steely thews of the operation).  I’ve been to gigs, even bounced around on a number of shows, but this is one of those epic nine state things.  She’s got four shows in four states in four days, and I’m really hoping I can keep up.  The show last night was Bad-Ass:  Sooj and Betsy and Heather and Ben and all the BBG girls.  Wow. That much music and magick in one place is a thing to experience.

Of course now we’re looking at a six hour drive to Memphis, pretty much straight to a show, then up to  St.Louis tomorrow, then Chicago… we might get to sleep sometime in there.  Maybe eat something if we get a chance. I hope. 🙂

anyway, wish me luck.  I’ll keep you updated.