Once more morning has found me relatively well in the home of the wonderful Betsy Tinney and her clan and her massive hoomongus cats ( they’re maine coons.  The last three mornings have been a delightful endeavor of coffee in the hot tub right outside- that’s the right way to start a day let me tell you.  Today though, we have pending engagements, so no hot tub for me.

I’ve been trying to find some chain-danglies for my newest jewelry pieces, but so far no success.  There’s a craft store down the road, but they’re awfully proud of their chain (ie: it’s spendy) but I may be able to find something there that would work.

The pacific northwest is simply stunning- all ringed with snow-capped mountains and inhabited by massive fur trees, giant ferns, and moss everywhere.  It’s like a drier version of a cypress swamp, which I absolutely Love. 

I should have a couple of actual essays coming soon, now that I’ve landed in a safe harbor and have a minute to compose my thoughts- this “On the Road” isn’t very conducive to thought composure, as most of my processing power goes to things like “where the hell am I?” or “what day is this?” or “when did I last eat?” or “do I get an actual bed?” or “How much of this stuff needs to come in the house so we can fall over and be back on the road first thing in the morning? Really? Ok.”… it’s a bit of an adjustment going from my solitary hermitage to this traveling circus, but I wouldn’t trade it.  So long as I get to curl up with my love at the end of the day (whenever that happens to occur) I’m good. 

anyway, we’ve gotta go meet someone for coffee.  Wizards run on coffee you know.