The coffee was a sad affair this morning with a strange bitter tang that lingers at the back of my throat like sinus drainage. Unfortunate though that was, my love’s warm arms fixed all that. Usually coffee fail will screw up my whole day. That girl is Magick.
Today we head to Tacoma for a show at the spring faerie fest- hopefully that’ll be fun. Since I traveled light on this trip, I don’t have any components to throw together some dark fae ensemble. I generally don’t care for “costumes” anyway. If I wouldn’t be comfortable wearing it if some adventure suddenly befell me, it makes me rather twitchy.
Seems silly doesn’t it- that I would tailor my wardrobe for its epic adventure functionality?
I sometimes get nervous wandering around in pj’s, or godsforbid, a towel. I mean, Imagine that: you walk around a corner and suddenly you’ve discovered Narnia or been abducted by aliens and there you are wearing nothing but a towel… Hitchhiker’s Guide aside, that would rather suck.
This also goes along with my irrational fear of discovering the secret of teleportation while I’m in the shower. I mean, that’s the stuff of awkward nightmares. There you are one minute washing your hair, pondering the mysteries of how to apparate, tesseracht, or otherwise teleport, then *POOF!* it goes off and you’re standing there stark naked, dripping wet, halfway round the world in the middle of a crowd full of people, and you’ve got shampoo dribbling inexorably into your eyes- No Thank You.
Needless to say, I’m cautious about what I ponder in the shower.
Yes, I know that’s ridiculous….
anyway, Heading to Tacoma.