My name is Ryan James Loyd.
I grew up at a summer camp in the backwoods of central Arkansas.
I’m a Thirtysomething writer, Storyteller, creative problem solver, artist, artificer, weaponsmith, and Wizard.
Yeah, you read that right.
I’ve escaped the “normal” world to go on the road with the love of my life the amazingly  talented singer/songwriter S.J. Tucker (    (you should go check her out- you can listen to everything she’s done for free)
and to try to make a living being Me, doing what I do.
So far it’s working out splendidly.
This blog (gods I hate that word! It sounds like some disgusting biological process that one might accidentally  step in)
anyway, it’s about me, my life, my adventures, and… Stuff.
(Real literary genius there- “and Stuff”.
*he sighed and pinched the space between his eyes, as he was wont to do when the world turned stupid, but could come up with nothing better suited.  He decided just to leave it*)

So Welcome, I hope you’re entertained or informed or provoked to interesting thought.  We’ll see what happens….