so we go to this greek restaurant after the show yesterday, and this seems like a good thing.  we order avgolemeno soup, which is Supposed to be a wonderfully tasty lemony chicken rice soup.

what arrived smelled, I kid you not, Exactly like when someone’s septic tank has backed up in the yard and had so much pepper in it, we were left wondering what they were trying to cover up.  It was offensive just sitting there on the table.  Most of the time, I’m too polite to send things back even when they’ve gotten my order wrong.  This stuff though, this septic soup, was absolutely Foul.

everything else, though tasty enough, was overpriced and meager, after experiencing the Mad Greek in salt lake, and the Greek to Go here in Redmond, both of which win the best Gyro ever awards, and you can stuff yourself silly for about 7 bucks, which rocks.

That soup though, Wow, must be either some special family recipe or there was a disgruntled cook who dumped the dirty dishwater in the pot or some bastard cat came along and hunkered over the stove for his evening constitutional.  Gah!

the rest of the evening went well though- esspresso oat stout and a walk around the block with my brother whilst discussing wizardly things.  It was good.

anyway, just had to share my soup-pain.

you’re welcome