So we’re walking around the lake when this Canada goose comes trumpeting in.  It’s alone, which is weird, and we talk to it a bit (in goose-  I know enough goose to be able to more or less say “hi”, “I belong here”, and “yeah, we’re cool”  mostly by hand gestures).  I don’t know whether it’s one of the ones that was born here, or maybe it came from somewhere that it got used to people, or maybe, being a social creature it’s freaked out to be alone and was really glad to meet somebody who could speak rudimentary goose- whatever the case, it just came on over (like within an arms reach) and followed us home. 

We went inside and it kept wandering around honking- I assume looking for other geese, until, finding none, it decided to come hang out just outside our back porch.  I thought it was going to come in for a minute there, but I asked it not to.  We gave it a little stale bread, just to be polite hosts.

So it’s out there, completely unconcerned as we’re in and out of the house, no problem.

Then Pooshka (the big fluffy pirate kitty) comes downstairs and steps outside.  He took one look at that goose and started with that chittering-bug song that cats do.  It was like those cartoons where the wolf or whatever sees the goose and for an instant it’s all trussed up and roast- yeah, that happened.   Pooshka, with feral kittenish delight, saw dinner standing there.  The Goose saw Pooshka seeing dinner, and took off wildly honking back to the saftey of the lake.  It’s still out there, swimming around honking.  I think Pooshka is hiding in the bushes waiting for it to come back.