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So, let’s do this.

The Octarine Spring.

This notion has grown from its original temporary intent, into a more enduring construct and concept.

As our world, at least here in the US and other places is coming rather unhinged, I think we need to revisit this notion of grassroots magickal activism and Rule .303- that being if you have the means, you have the responsibility to act, and do what you can, for as long as you are able.

We, who have some competence at Magick, the ability to reach out and perhaps alter and influence the flow of reality- to perhaps protect and defend, to lend luck and grace, to change hearts and minds, to Hinder those who would bring peril and strife:

I believe we have the responsibility to do so. To try to bring Change to that which needs changing, To Preserve that which needs to endure, to Protect those in harm’s way, to Empower those fighting the good fight, and to set our Will against those who seek to oppress and secure dominion over plain ol’ decent people seeking to live as best they can.

Magickal activism, Magickal Action- We can do it for ourselves. I think we must use these skills in ways that align with our ability and nature, to try to aid our communities, and the world as we are able.  We protect, and bless, and bestow luck, and twist probability, manifest things, and hinder the Bad for ourselves and our own all the time.  I think it’s time to work more broadly for our communities and the world that is under our eye.   That’s what the Cunning Folk always did, back in the day.  They helped them as needed helping.  And hindered them as needed to knock it off and quit botherin’ folk.
We have a skill and power and knowledge, however often subtle, to maybe make a difference beyond what mere hands can usually accomplish.

Some counsel for large scale workings for large scale change-  I cannot say whether or not those are effective.  Always hard to say.  What IS effective is a practitioner who knows their craft, throwing down on the world they Know and walk.  We know this.  We live it.  The sigil, acting as an embodiment of the notion,  a talisman, a banner, a conjoining IDEA- Makes everyone doing their grassroots thing, Into a large scale long term Work, memetic current style.  Best of both worlds.

Using this sigil, in conjunction with whatever and however you DO, (be that sigilcraft, ritual work, artificing, or just hucking magick at stuff) should help with mutual empowerment, and even as a Talisman, to confer what blessings may be inherent in the thing to whoever carries it.  (For sigils- do your sigil for whatever, and tag it somewhere on the page. For ritual- drop a copy on your altar or carve it on your candle, or however.  For Talisman- well just make a talisman for whatever and slap this on there, stick it in your pocket, throw it on a t-shirt may help some.  It needn’t be the centerpiece of anything, but you can make it so if you wish.) And even if you Don’t use the construct, I hope you take up the idea, and do what you may.

Stand, and let your Will be felt in the world.

May we bring a brighter day.