Oh yes it’s morning again-  One of those mornings where waking up physically hurts,  where your eyeballs burn and shudder.  I suppose the sensation is not dissimilar from what clam feels like when it’s being pried open.  Its that pre-awake hangover feeling, brought on by 1.2 sleep cycles. 

the application of coffee and the wonderful breakfast Renee fed us helped to mitigate the trauma significantly.

Now I’m sitting in a coffeeshop, waiting for my love to get her hideously difficult tax stuff dealt with (poor love.  I guess I’m going to be in the same boat next year- if I manage to Have an income… we’ll see)

This is day two of my first official rockstar tour (Sooj being the rockstar, me being the steely thews of the operation).  I’ve been to gigs, even bounced around on a number of shows, but this is one of those epic nine state things.  She’s got four shows in four states in four days, and I’m really hoping I can keep up.  The show last night was Bad-Ass:  Sooj and Betsy and Heather and Ben and all the BBG girls.  Wow. That much music and magick in one place is a thing to experience.

Of course now we’re looking at a six hour drive to Memphis, pretty much straight to a show, then up to  St.Louis tomorrow, then Chicago… we might get to sleep sometime in there.  Maybe eat something if we get a chance. I hope. 🙂

anyway, wish me luck.  I’ll keep you updated.