lawnmowers first thing in the morning have never been a favorite of mine, but sleep Did happen so that’s a good thing- apart from that weird dream about Darth Vader in a hairnet and smock working a soda factory line Lavern and Shirley style.  That was just weird. 

Having acquired coffee, my brain is beginning to function amid the sound of suitcase zippers and morning bustle. They’ve got one of those nifty machines downstairs that squirts out a waffle, but as I encountered the thing pre-coffee I was only operating at neanderthal tech level, I stared at the thing for a moment in bleary incomprehension before opting instead for a biscuit.  Bit dry, but all in all not bad.  Heather gave me a cookie too. Cookies is happiness.

The show last night was wonderful as usual, in a gorgeous little unity church, nestled in a really cool patch of woods that I desperately wanted to explore- the cedar trees were Aware somehow, and seemed friendly in that semi creepy treeish way.  But alas, there was work to do so I couldn’t.

It’s getting on time to go, so I get to play Glashtyn again (To and fro we haul away).

To it, then.