after a wonderful trip to hang out with Nymbol on the island, trying my hand at puppeteering (possible video to follow) and a lovely trip to the zoo, I hear about the may day protests in Seattle.

Now, I’m all for people speaking their minds- great! March.  Be heard.

But the whole thing of Anarchist provocateurs advocating riots?  Idiocy.

If they’re genuine Anarchists, well, ok then- Sure, standing up for what you believe.  I think you’re a shortsighted idiot, but I get it.  If you impinge upon my day then I’ll teach you that you are Not, in fact, The Joker, and give you a lesson in why you don’t actually want Anarchy.  Society and it’s laws are what keep you safe from, say, Me, inflicting my reality upon you in large bladed ways because you annoyed me by being a dumbass and breathing my air.  But again, I get it. Valid uneducated political stance.

They’re probably Not genuine Anarchists.

Most likely they’re either Morons who want to feel powerful and important, with the misguided notion that spawning violence will ignite the change they want to see in the world- to Really Show ‘Em.  Like that dumbass in college who wanted to get pepper sprayed so he’d be able to take it when the protest cops came down on him (one of my buddies obliged him with extreme prejudice, proving to everyone present what a damned fool notion that was.  Talking a big game may get you under a hippie-girl skirt, but screaming and epic snot certainly do not).  I digress.   Point being here, if the provocateurs are This type of Moron, and Do manage to incite a riot, the only thing they will achieve is

A) getting a bunch of people needlessly hurt, and pointlessly thrown in jail

B) damaging a bunch of property that is most likely going to cost some small business owner who can’t afford it, which aside from being Pointless to the “cause”, is just an asshole thing to do.

and C) Lose any moral high ground the Occupy or similar movements might have had.

(and before you get all incensed, I tend to agree with many of the Occupy and similar movements’ gripes.  Yes these are problems that need to be addressed. Unfortunately, most (not all, but most) of the people I have met on the front lines of these movements  need to bathe, lay off the weed, work a real damn job (delivering pizza doesn’t count) for a bit, and actually understand the other (not-evil) side of business and the system they abhor before they start running off at the mouth about how it needs to change.  It Does need to change.  There is a whole lot of evil to business.  There Is a point to be made, and it Needs to be heard, Yes.  But the movement has been usurped, in my opinion, by unwashed morons who are in it for the green movement popularity contest and the associated earthy-girl tail they can get from it.  Cynical? Yes.  True? Open your eyes and your ears.  See through the Bullshit and make your own decision)

Now, the other option for where this advocation of violence is coming from, apart from Anarchists and Morons, is Sith level genius.  If you look at our society, it loves the underdog, and especially the one who is pretty and has the moral high ground.  If that underdog is instead a smelly mob, spouting some crackpot ideology, and instigating violence, well then, the public won’t like them so much.  That takes attention off the issue at hand (say, very rich men who will bend us over the table and give it to us hard without so much as spitting on it first, as they steal our wallet) and puts it on the chaos created by a bunch of idiotic juvenile delinquents- Even if the majority of the people involved in the protest are actually righteously angry people exercising their right to protest what they validly see as a wrong in this country.   Violence of this nature in our blessed and privileged society (don’t you Dare argue.  We don’t have rape squads bursting into our houses in the middle of the night, and our homeless tend to eat better than half the population of the world- Shut the fuck up.) will only serve to lose support for any point this movement is trying to make.  The evil people you stand against know this.  If I were one of the evil execs who had gotten tired of all the traction the occupy and other such movements were gaining among the public, I would hire some provocateurs to turn the whole thing into chaos, turning public opinion against these gnats who were annoying me, while at the same time distracting the public from whatever shady soulless  business shenannigans I was up to.    That’s American psychology 101.  As a whole we’re programmed to be distracted by flashy, shiny drama, get bored quickly, and forget about what caused it.  The Culture of Ignorance outnumbers the Rational and Intelligent by a whole-friggin-lot.

It works- the Republicans use it all the time.

Point being- whether Anarchists, Morons, or business-Sith, this violence being advocated is a pointless idiocy, and I urge everyone involved to speak out against it.

It’s possible that some people have it in their heads, what with the violent  protests that have been going on with some level of success in the world, that we could do with one here too.

Moron!  Those are happening because those people Have No Choice.

In their world, to speak out is to die, or get a visit from the rape squad.  Either way, the choice there is take it or start shooting.  There is no alternative.

In our world, senseless violence is not only unnecessary, it is a hindrance to whatever goal you’re trying to achieve.  So to make that choice, you prove yourself somebody else’ ignorant pawn.

Don’t be an ignorant pawn.

There are things worth getting up in arms over.

Money isn’t one of them, and that’s what all of this is about- whether you believe that or not.

I really hope stupidity does not erupt.

if you’re going to be there- for fucks sake pay attention, know where the exits are, stay to the edge of the crowd, and be ready to run or duck.   And if you’re stupid enough to provoke a nervous cop, you deserve the beating you get, hope you don’t die.

just my two bits.