Ok, so I’m going to assume you guys know what a Sigil is (I explained it pretty well in my Banana Thing post, I think)

So, with a Hypersigil, instead of taking a small thought and condensing it down into a symbol, you take a Big thought and condense it down- and it can be anything: music, literature, interpretive dance, or even a poorly crafted weird audiovisual clip on youtube, which is what I did.

It came about in an online occult forum a few years ago.  There was this asshole, who was forever abusing people for their ideas in the study of magick, bullying people and demanding reproducible proof- and I’m sure somewhere in there he was trying to play devils advocate and keep people honest (which is a Crucial thing when dealing with a subject so easily lost to idle fancy and bullshit as magick)- but he crossed the line over into being a pretentious dick. 

Finally after some months and a number of nasty altercations, he threw down the gauntlet of “if you people have all these powers, why don’t you just go get the million dollars offered by James Randi?” (the professional skeptic who is offering a million dollars for anyone who can prove any form of the supernatural under carefully controlled scientific test conditions- I’ll post later as to why that’s as rigged as a shell-game), I finally got Officially Pissed Off.

I took him up on this offer, came up with a proposal, and submitted it to Mr. Randi’s website.  Unfortunately, due to his criteria and the nature of my proposal, I didn’t get a response.  My proposal was this: He could choose the most skeptical member of his organization, and I could make that person Believe in the supernatural, with one symbol, viewed once a day, for one month.  I assume this was too subjective or open to interpretation to be verified by his scientific process.

However, after a couple weeks and a snarky comment by this fellow, I threw the challenge to Him- I would change his skeptical worldview (for all he claimed to believe in magick) with one sigil.  All he had to do was look at the thing.  He accepted, and I began.

I was going to fuck up his world.  This asshole was going to wind up gibbering in the corner. 

I was going to Get Him.

I dragged out some paper and got to work. 

It became immediately evident that for this to work, it was going to have to be more complex than I had the talent to impart to a mere scrawled figure.  The answer was a Hypersigil. 

I don’t even remember what all I put into and condensed into the spell before I wrote it out in my own rune alphabet.  I know what it says, and it means that, but Pages of thought went into a few comparatively simple lines.  I do know this though- the horror and madness I had intended to inflict on this guy- I couldn’t do it.   At my core, I’m a nice guy.  A Goodguy, in fact.  I didn’t really want to Get him, I wanted him to Get It.  I wanted Everyone to Get It, and instead of vengeance I lost myself in a magickal work that evolved into something… else.  Something to lead people to the world alive with wonder, just half a thought a way, where the dreams live, where wishes are there for the asking, and the possible stretches to the limits of imagination, where Real becomes a spectrum, and we can take a hand in the writing of our own stories.  You know- the world of Magick. 

So I scribbled and wrote, and funneled all the magick and soul I could muster into it.  And I filmed all the various bits. Then I laid it all out in a circle on the floor, intending to get some decent motion shots.   As I strode around the circle, something took hold- an ecstatic frenzy of sorts.  Round and round, and leaping over, and round some more, and finally, camera abandoned, in the center of this paper circle I’d cast upon the floor, I stood bellowing to the gods I know not what.

Spent, I collapsed to the floor.

I came to my senses sometime later.

I cut all the footage together in a weird sort of animation that was strangely compelling, but it wasn’t complete.  That’s when I created the audio- the text of the spell, layered over and over itself- I must admit, it broke my brain a little the first time I heard it all together.  And mixing the audio and the visual, though less of an editorial nightmare than valid film, was a frustrating endeavor.

Finally finished, I posted it in the forum.  The guy wasn’t impressed. (surprise, surprise).  However, I was interested to note that he quit being a bullying asshole.  In fact, he turned to his own projects, published two books he had been sitting on for some years and opened a website teaching his own brand of occult philosophy, and to my knowledge, was happy leading the life he wanted.

The making of this Hypersigil, also marked the beginning of the path that led me out of retail hell, and into my current life traveling the world with the love of my life, bringing music, magick, and wonder wherever we go, and I get to be Me for a living.

Another friend of mine (who until that point had been beaten to the point of accepting the five year abusive relationship she was in) moved into their spare bedroom, got three jobs, and worked till she had enough money for her and her son to leave the sorry bastard.

One guy blames me for his house spontaneously catching on fire, but it turned out to be the impetus for extremely positive life change.

There are more.

What this hypersigil Seems to do, is to facilitate and empower you to find your proper path in life.  However, if your path is supposed to be traveling north/northwest, but you’re headed southerly, Well, things might get a little hairy in the process of your realignment, if you take my meaning.  But if you’re at a crossroads, with no clear direction in mind and feel you need a little help- Hey it works Great!

So here it is, The Ellisian Hypersigil: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5F6N2Hiypfc

works best with headphones, without distractions.  Just watching it does the trick, apparently, but additional empowerment and or openness certainly couldn’t hurt.